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Robust and elegant so you can focus on
gaining insights.

Example Pipeline

  1. Connect to Public Webcamera URL
  2. Collect series of 100 images
  3. publish snapshot of web camera images
  4. Open Jupyter Notebook
  5. Import Snapshot from Timbr.io
  6. Insert 'create average image' transform
  7. Upload Average Image output to Timbr.io
  8. insert 'People Detection' Transform
  9. Get a live analog count of people from the webcam pipeline

Pick your data feed

Quickly tap into an ever growing selection of data sources from Twitter to Weather Underground

Transformations on the Timbr platform

Data Sources

Timbr.io has a growing repository of connected live data sources that you can tap to fuel your pipelines. Alternatively add your own dat asource to keep proprietary or share with the community.


The Timbr.io platform allows you to snapshot data from your pipeline making it portable to any analysis enviroment. ETL your data to HDF5 or create a CSV file with out table tool.

Pipeline Tranforms

Search the community for popular online algorithms to structure your data like a hyperloglog, Bloom filter, min hash, or tokenization transform. You can also publish your own!

Notebook Transforms

Use the Timbr.io Jupyter plug in to stream your snapshots to the notebook. Then search our community repository for transforms to analyze and visualize the data in your notebook.

Export directly to Jupyter notebooks

Export your data to Jupyter and discover new algorithms to analyze and visualize the data

Build and deploy
with the support of the community best practices

Leverage the vast data science community through python.
Tap into the rapidly growing number of algorithms from scientific research and best practices.
Deploy your algorithms to live production. We support: PyBrain, SciKit learn, Graphlab, SciPy and NumPy
Learn data science through python.

Timbr features
Easily create custom data analysis and explore your data

More data sources

Create connections to data sources or use connections that others have created.

Intelligent Pipelines

Intelligently filter, structure, or enrich your data stream with our enormous library of code snippets.

Share code snippets & collaborate

Contribute to the community repository. Find new ways to combine your work with others.


Export your pipeline, code snippets, data snapshots and notebooks to any environment.

Super Powered Notebooks

Stream data into your notebook and discover algorithms of reusable code snippets.

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