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Join us at to revolutionize the world of databases by turning existing databases into a SQL Knowledge Graph empowered with semantic reasoning. Siri, Alexa and Google Home are examples of applications powered by extensive Knowledge Graphs. timbr employs standard SQL – the most widely known database language, to enable the fastest and easiest implementation of Knowledge Graphs and semantic reasoning features in the market.

Our ideal DevOps Specialist candidate will be responsible for designing and implementing automated testing infrastructures to test against different DBs for QA, and for developing backend infrastructure to support various products.

 Our DevOps specialist will also:

  • Create and maintain automated deployment with CI/CD platform.
  • Create and maintain automated scripts for docker and kubernetes containers.
  • Monitor and scale cloud instances (uptime, security, and performance).
  • Fix infrastructure and dependency issues arising from package managers.
  • Create and maintain environments for profiling and benchmarks.
  • Create custom security codes in JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS and Python to protect against cyber-attacks.
  • Collaborate with developers to make sure new environments meet requirements and conform to best practices.
  • Learn about and recommend new technologies and related tools to enhance the agile development environment.
  • Provide direct server support during operations such as deployment and production.


  • Hands on experience in Linux based OS networking security, databases and cloud systems
  • Hands on experience using Bash / CSH under Ubuntu / Debian
  • Knowledge and experience in Big Data infrastructure and tools such as Hadoop and Hive.
  • Extensive knowledge of Python
  • Knowledge of system & server administration and mass system deployments.
  • Wide knowledge in operating system administration, programing languages, cloud platform deployment and networking protocols.
  • Outstanding knowledge in release engineering, creating tools for engineering organization and performance optimization.
  • Must have knowledge and experience with CD/CI (Circle CI / Travis / Jenkis / Codeship).
  • Must have knowledge and experience deploying production environments.
  • Must have knowledge and experience automating bash scripts and pipelines.
  • Must have knowledge and experience with Kubernetes and Docker (including docker network and docker compose).
  • Must have knowledge working with language specific package managers (npm / yarn, pip).
  • Must have knowledge in creating virtual environments for package dependency management.

Additional Skills:

  • Experience in deploying production environments based on Flask, Flask-Appbuilder, ReactJS.
  • Experience working with Database deployments (the more the merrier).
  • Experience working with Spark Thrift-Server.
  • Experience working with background workers.
  • Experience working with AWS Cloud Computing, EC2 instances, Load Balancer, S3, Code Commit.
  • Experience working with Google BigQuery, Google Cloud, and other Google Cloud services.
  • Experience working with Microsoft Azure, Azure services.
  • Experience optimizing costs for infrastructure.
  • Experience in profiling and automating benchmarks.

Location: Tel Aviv – Yafo

Seniority level: Mid-Level

Employment type: Full-time

Only suitable applicants will be answered

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