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Meet the Timbr team
data scientists and more

Sean Gorman PhD. – CEO
Sean is a founder of Timbr.io - a platform for enabling algorithm reusability and more accessible data science. Before starting Timbr.io he was the founder of GeoIQ - a collaborative data and analytics company serving commercial and government customers. GeoIQ was subsequently acquired by ESRI where Sean worked integrating social data and streaming analytics with ESRI's mapping technologies. Sean has also previously worked in academia serving as a research professor at George Mason University. Sean received his PhD from George Mason University as the Provost's High Potential Research Candidate, Fisher Prize winner and an INFORMS Dissertation Prize recipient.

Pramukta Kumar PhD. – CTO
Pramukta is a scientist and developer specializing in computational data analysis. Prior to founding Timbr he worked as a physics researcher at Georgetown University, authoring or contributing to publications in physics, materials science, and neuroscience journals. He was nominated as a US delegate to the Lindau Nobel Laureates meeting as a promising young physics researcher. He has also helped teach courses in physics, math and computer science courses as an instructor, tutor and teaching assistant. Pramukta served as lead engineer/architect at GeoIQ (acquired by ESRI), a geospatial data and analytics company, developing the core data processing infrastructure and algorithms that powered GeoIQ's web-based geodata analysis platform. His work at GeoIQ led to 2 granted patents. Pramukta holds a BS in physics from Georgetown University where he was the Treado Medal winner. His PhD is in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics also from Georgetown University.

Jed Verity PhD. – Lead Architect
Jed has been in the fields of software engineering and information technology since 1998. In 2000, he founded Verity Solutions, later rebranded to Dataverse Consulting, a web and database applications development firm based in San Francisco with clients like Apple, Inc., Pixar, the Sundance Film Festival, Stanford University, and Oxfam America. Specializing in rich interfaces and experiences, Jed's work at Sundance contributed to a 2011 Webby nomination. Jed holds a PhD. from the University of Virginia in Tibetan Buddhism, and served as an associate director of the Contemplative Sciences Center at UVA.

Chris Helm – Director of Analytics
Chris is a full stack analytics engineer at timbr.io specializing in data visualization and streaming analytics. He’s been contributing to open source projects for over 8 years, and was lead engineer at GeoIQ. While working at Esri he was the primary architect behind a successful open data pipeline project (Koop) and several cutting edge visualization projects. Prior to GeoIQ Chris was a data scientist at the National Renewable Energy Lab working on solar radiation time series algorithms. His academic/profession background is in the physical sciences, and his current work focuses on visualization of temporal and spatial patterns in large datasets. Chris holds a BS from University of Denver and a MS from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Curtis Floth – Lead Designer
Curtis is a web & front end developer who leads interface design for Timbr.io. He has 20 years of experience creating web sites and apps with early stage startups as well as notable industry players, including Jibbitz (acquired by Crocs) and Return Path. Curtis forte is developing intuitive workflows for complex tasks to increase productivity. He has a degree in Design from the Denver Institute of Technology and a Technical Management degree from Westwood College. He is also a certified usability analyst for UX design.

Bill Greer – Product Manager
Bill is a product manager responsible for ensuring the products that Timbr creates delight our users and customers. Bill was previously a product manager at both GeoIQ and ESRI, where he focused on usability of open data and analysis products, as well as building open data communities. Bill received a B.S. in Business Administration from the Ithaca College School of Business in 2005.

Jamie Polackwich – Data Scientist
Jamie is a data scientist and engineer with a background in the physical and biological sciences. Before joining Timbr.io, Jamie worked as a researcher in the Department of Physics and the Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis at Georgetown University, where he specialized in computational modeling, image analysis and experimental design. He is the first author on multiple peer-reviewed articles regarding the biomechanics of cellular movement. Jamie graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2009 with a BS in physics.

Winnie Palangpour – Junior Developer
Winnie is a junior web & front end developer who started with us an intern. She has worked in several fields including healthcare and biotech. Winnie was previously in logistics at Abcam where she was a member of the toxin and sandpit teams. She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri in Interdisciplinary Studies with emphases in biology, psychology, and art.

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